Why do we need Instagram proxies for social media marketing?

Online business is drastically revolutionizing our shopping trends. Billions of buyers around the globe connected to social media platforms in one way or the other. Due to this increasing engagement of people with internet, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter effectively used as marketing channels.

Instagram for social media marketing

Instagram is by far one of the leading social media marketing platforms. By beating Twitter and Facebook regarding engagement per follower, Instagram has proven to be the best platform for social media marketing. According to a recent report, each post on Instagram offers 4.2 percent user engagement per post. This value is almost 56 times higher than that of Facebook and 120 times more than that of Twitter.

The main reason why Instagram has such a high value for user engagement per post is that it is a picture sharing platform. It is a globally known fact that visual marketing aces written or audio means of marketing.More than 230 Million people share pictures on Instagram every day. If you are not using Instagram as one of your business marketing media, chances are you are dropping out on many opportunities.  Your online business is guaranteed to thrive on Instagram as it will generate maximum ROI.

Why do you need Instagram proxies

The primary objective of any business marketing plan is the achievement of maximum audience exposure by various means. Instagram is highly effective in achieving this target as explained by the following reasons:

  • Creating multiple accounts

Anyone with sound business knowledge knows the importance of the type of target audience.  Creation of multiple accounts is an essential part of sorting your marketing plan for your target audience. Say you have a clothing brand which sells clothing items to people of almost all age groups and genders. Creating separate accounts for each age group and gender will prove to be more fruitful than a mutual business account.

An Instagram proxy comes in handy when you have to create multiple accounts for the said purpose. It will automatically generate a unique IP address for you from which you can log-in to various reports from the same device. Personal and geographical information masked by using these proxies and chances of page-flagging reduced to none.

  • Generating Leads

Business marketing plans which are used for the exposure of slow sell-cycle products highly depend upon generation of leads. By using Instagram proxies, you can divert buyers with high prospects into your primary marketing channel. An Instagram proxy will not only help you in generating the maximum number of secure leads but also in attracting more buyers with high prospects. The result will be in the form of a long-term, thriving online business.

  • Creation of no-sales accounts

Spam marketing is one of the most common mistakes social media marketers made. As a result, the credibility of marketed products decreases with the ever-increasing exposure. To eliminate this mistake, a cross-promotion plan used. Instagram proxies will help you in creating no-sales accounts which can be used from time to time to meet the purpose of cross-promotion. Cross promotions have a psychological effect on potential buyers which stimulates a sense of credibility for your products.

By using Instagram proxies, multiple cross promotion accounts can create even if you do not need to use them regularly. If you want to raise the credibility of your products, Instagram proxies are just the right kind of tool for you.

  • Optimization of page Traffic

Instagram proxies usually mask your actual IP address by the IP address of another location. It is very likely that the followers on one of your Instagram pages are different for each page. A global marketing sphere is created by using Instagram Proxies. If you are striving to market some universal services or products, education for instance, then Instagram proxies are one of the ways to achieve it.

  • Quick analysis based on faster feedbacks

Not many marketers know that using Instagram proxies can help you test and analyze your several business plans simultaneously. Details such as font types and visible colors can be implemented, tested, examined, modified and approved/disapproved at a fast pace. Different Instagram marketing accounts created by using Instagram proxies can be used as a target and feedback source to test your various marketing plans.


Instagram is unquestionably one of the most promising online business platforms. The Instagram proxies will help you in effective social media marketing by creating multiple accounts, generating high prospect leads, making quick analyses and optimization of page traffic.

To master Instagram for online business, it’s crucial to undergo IT Training so that one may get the best out of their social media marketing strategies.

Best Vlog Camcorders

Vlogging, the popular video blogging, has created its very own vlogo-sphere in which you have to continuously keep up with the advancing technologies to keep your channel thriving. It is hard to select the one best camcorders out of the many “best-label” camcorders available in current market. It seems as if every camcorder wants to feed its specifications in your head once you step into a tech-store. In such situations, one can not help but dwell in the murky abyss of immense confusion. The problem reaches a higher degree when it comes to beginner Vloggers due to their little experience and low budget. Such are the times where having a knowledge of best Vlog camcorder picks in the market comes proves to be very handy.

To save you the extra effort here are some of the best Vlog camcorders of the current year:

1.   Panasonic’s HC-V770K Full HD Camcorder

This jack-of-all-trades sort of Vlog camcorder is a top pick for an exceptionally fantastic vlogging experience. With its 1080 HD picture quality and the ability to record at slow motion speed of about 60fps are the hot stuff for the beginner as well as pro Vloggers. Offering manual as well as auto adjustment for image exposure, it adds the extra touch of aesthetics and details in your videos. In this way, you can effectively deliver your theme and easily attract a large number of awe-struck audience to your channel. The zoom capability is about 20 times, and it can record detailed images of the target objects. Mic ports an SD cards are the essential features that come along with this excellent Vlog camcorder.

2.   Canon Vixia HF G40

Canon Vixia HF GF40 is your reliable buddy when it comes to recording an entire event. The incredible thing about this camera, after the lightweight build and unmatchable color controls, is the dual card slots. These slots enable you to record critical videos on both the SD cards to offer you a backup if one of the cards fails. The video can also be shifted to the second card in case the first one is all filled up. The large lens area, lens ring, exposure adjustments and color bar modifications are some of the highlighted features of this best Vlog camcorder. For audio recording purposes, Vixia features a mic port. The video quality is at 1080p, and it can record at a speed of 60fps.

3.   Zoom Q8

Zoom Q8 is known for its handiness and audio compatibility. This camera is most known for its unmatchable audio recording features. In addition to recording steady and high-quality videos of your jam sessions and concerts, Zoom Q8 can record excellent audio signals. Featuring two condenser microphones on its top, the camcorder records audio in the X-Y plane to minimize all sorts of audio disturbances. None of your signs canceled in any phase with this exceptionally brilliant Zoom Q8 camcorder. If your channel theme revolves around audio promotion and creation, Zoom Q8 is your reliable buddy.

To make the best out of your footage, post production is equally important. Adobe Premiere courses is good for beginners and experts for a touch of perfection.