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Why virtual reality has so much hype nowadays?

The virtual reality is on the urge of becoming the next big thing over the past couple of years. 3D TV, the Segway, Google Glass, and numerous game-changer technologies were meant to modify our perception towards interacting with the world. However, virtual reality tried its utmost to grab a position in the front row but failed. In this blog, we will address a vital question is virtual reality hyped, or it is worth the attention. A different school of thought has a distinctive opinion about VR. Some think that VR reality has an imposing future, while others consider that its massive hype Microsoft 365 courses.

Recently, Facebook bought VR headset maker Oculus for $2 billion; while, the brand is turning off approximately 500 Oculus pop-ups in Best Buy stores all across the US, due to the unimaginative demand. Following the Oculus spokesperson statement, the reason is merely seasonal change. Hence, the brand strives for “prioritizing demos at hundreds of Best Buy locations in larger markets.” According to the sources, “at most, they would sell a few Oculus headsets per week during the holiday season, and that foot traffic to their pop-ups decreased drastically after Christmas.” As per another source, “There’d be some days where I wouldn’t give a demo at all because people didn’t want to.”

Naturally, the Oculus virtual reality headset witnesses an unenthusiastic demand since it is $600 gadget, which is quite expensive! However, the reported zero interest in promising free demos, which is that the virtual reality’s mainstream is far behind the expectations due to the level of attention by the massive technology companies such Microsoft 365 training.

As per Super Data Research, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headset’s sale in the year 2016 was merely some hundred thousand, far these than the predicted figure of millions. Now, there are numerous reasons behind the fewer sales, such as too pricy, content no catchy, and Virtual Reality sickness. The virtual reality spokesperson agrees to the fact that it has to cover a huge distance can live up to the expectations.

Too much, too early:

Mark Zuckerberg, the man behind Facebook, is a die heart fan of virtual reality. He is ready to invest a tremendous sum in the virtual reality in the preceding year. Mark names it a 10-year thing, and assume that there was no ratio of triggering the technology with its adopting to make it 5 years thing instead. A worth considering imperative fact is that the expectation level from smartphones and personal computers were also low initially.

On the contrary, people have high hopes with the Virtual reality, although its promoters agree that the technology ought to cover a long journey to cope up with smartphones and computers. Hence, we can agree with the fact that VR is overhyped for now. Besides, even if the technology manages to live up to people’s expectations, the companies have a bunch of other alternatives worth investing, which can render outcomes in a shorter period.

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