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Will artificial intelligence take over the world one day?

The robots are coming, but the question is either they are coming to help or combat us. Now, the answer to this question is tricky, as if you give it an inexplicable look, you feel like robots will take over the world. However, a closer look will make you realize that this isn’t happening. Besides, it all relies on the circumstances, how things work out in the future. Considering the present technological growth, we can expect that robots will be a big thing in the future. However, we have some reasons to justify why can’t robots take over the world? Want to know, and Microsoft teamwork administrator:

Robots cannot deceive humans:

The robots are barely cleverer as people build them, but they cannot overpower the human intelligence. Besides, robots cannot be more intelligent than a human being or use cleaver words as man knows not to make a robot outshine the human. Even though robots are far more patient than humans, yet they cannot be Microsoft teamwork courses.

No hands like a human:

They developers are striving to create a robot with hands like a human; however, by far, no robot has working hands. None can create a robot with human-like hands. Since robot’s hands do not work like humans, they cannot perform actions, such as operating a machine or fight like a human.

Robots do not have rights like humans:

The robots do not have authorities like a human; they are not capable to fire an employee. Besides, they cannot own properties or run businesses like humans. You cannot expect a robot to run a country or sensibly vote to opt the country’s leader. Though we cannot predict anything for the future, if things work out, things will be different.

Robot army cannot conquer the world:

I know it sounds weird, like the Bollywood robotic movie where an army of robots takes over the city, but practically this isn’t possible. Even though there can’t be a robot army, but in case there is one, and they take over the world, we can hack them and put things back in place, wink!

Handle object like a human hand:

Let us assume that the robot has hands like a human to hold things; however, they still lack the advanced technology to handle and manipulate objects like human beings. Even our kids take years to understand the entire process. So by far, this option is out of the question, and we do not need to worry about it.


Robotic companies and robots are pretty expensive. Therefore, everyone cannot endure the cost of setting up a robotics industry. They will displace mankind; hence, robot industries cannot overtake mankind.

To wrap the entire discussion, robots taking over the world are practically impossible. Even though the globe will need robots, slightly advanced to what they are now. Imagine the day you visit a robot doctor or a robot nurse for treatment, sounds funny right! Well, I hope for the best.

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