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The technology is being upgraded throughout, and we have now reached a point where we only have to command a machine to even make a cup of tea for us. There is not a second of doubt that the device has replaced most of the work done by a man. However, people often say that in the future, the machine will take over most of the jobs done by humans; the actual question is, what will the future be like!

You often think of artificial intelligence and automation as similar in context, but they are different as night and day!

In this article, we will discuss the automation, AI, and their types.


The word automation is defined as the manual that takes up precious time to free up the human force to work with different challenging, creative, and complex tasks. It is known to be productive for business use, as it reduces the problematic aspect of it. The most significant advantage of the automation is it not only the prolific working conditions but the better engagement of the employee, which will ultimately be kind on Microsoft 365 courses.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the fascinating things about modern technology is the Artificial Intelligence. Many scientists and researchers have termed it as a threat or, sometimes, the worst mistake because of the misuse of its implications. However, it has decreased most of Microsoft 365 training..

Artificial Intelligence is mainly designed to mimic the intelligence possessed by a human to learn. It is not like any other machine where you can turn a thing into another; it’s like teaching an infant to walk. It will improve with the rate of your ability to interpret any particular situation to it.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is combined with the automation to be categorized into the following examples.

Process automation

Many companies use Artificial Intelligence to solve their complex or challenging problems automatically. The process automation based on Artificial Intelligence varies from more straightforward automation tools as it requires a higher level of intelligence. One of the most common and vital types of process automation used in business nowadays is Your data!

Cognitive insight

The type of Artificial Intelligence that can not only identify the data but make predictions or recommendations out of is termed as cognitive insight. It includes the study of human behavior, most commonly in terms of purchasing by using searching history.

It is based on the accuracy of data; more accurate data will result in better prediction. Many companies are using this automation to grab their customer attention but for analyzing the bulk of documents to match similar data, resulting in the cutbacks in time and money.

Cognitive engagement

The type of Artificial Intelligence, which is based on challenge function close to humans, is cognitive engagement. It includes robotics service agents, which respond according to a particular script, but it is still under development. The job of this AI is not only to respond according to process data but to produce respective answers imitating human language.


After learning so much about AI and automation, its advantages are way more mesmerizing to ignore! The technologies based on Artificial intelligence are indulging in our routine and our work life. The impacts of these technologies are so vast that it has completely changed our lifestyles. So, we have to give AI its basic share in a great lifestyle that we are leading today!


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