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Refresh Your Mind For Content Writing Ideas

Struggling to figure out what to write? Don’t we all, sometimes? When the creative juice runs dry, your mind is blank – just like the Word document you are staring at. To get your creative motor running again, it helps if you know what to do when the deadline is near.

Keyword research

Content that provides actual use to readers invites greater engagement. Using tools such as Google Keyword Planner can help writers to understand what online users are looking for (a problem). As the writer, you curate content and provide a solution for them. Readers are attracted to content which are of interest to them, and those which adds value to them are what we regard as Azure training.

Analyze competitors

Nope, you are not to copy their content. However, you can be inspired by what they are writing. Understanding your competitor gives you an assessment of your performance – you’ll be able to decide if you are on par or it’s time to shape up. In addition, you can observe and improve upon what they have curated. If you are certain that some things can be done differently, there’s a content idea right there. Let your readers know how they can do it better.

Follow Your Readers

Inspirations can come from the least expected places. Your followers can give you content ideas – if you look at their feedback on your content and commentary. Users may interact with each other and engage in discussion over subjects pertaining to what you posted. Therefore, you can further develop their idea and convert them into Azure classes.

Has something important happened recently? Subjects which are rival, newsworthy, and everybody is talking about?

Ridiculous news such as an overpriced Apple monitor stand generated heavy interest from netizens. If you are a content writer for technology and trends, you can do more with than a commentary. To make an impact on readers’ consciousness, you can opt to produce a list of alternatives for affordable monitor stand – it will likely invite engagement from Apple fans.

Scanning the news daily is a good start to monitor and assess news which are of value to your content writing. Controversial and sensitive topics are best avoided to prevent backlash from users if you are unsure of how to build a story on it.

Revisit Old Content

Archive is not the resting place for your old content. It can be a good place to rediscover content ideas for future publishing. Inspect upon popular content which enjoyed good reception from readers. It can be improved upon for an updated version that will likely capture the attention of readers.

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