July 29, 2021 thyssenkruppnewusplant

Surviving Slow Sales Period

In a high performance environment, being a salesperson sometimes bring frustration as there are many loads to carry on your shoulder. From hitting high targets to handling hard-to-deal customers. This will affect your ability to perform your task when you are stressed out frequently. That being said, it’s best to know what problem you faced to overcome it

Getting Low Quality Leads
Cold call and email techniques are old school and it doesn’t help in getting good new leads that can close sales for that month. In fact, it even frustrates you more when you’re trying to communicate with those leads and they just ignore you. This will give you a good head start to explore into these leads, obtain their concerns and offer solutions. With this, you won’t have to keep knocking on the wrong door to Azure courses.

Lengthy Product Lifeline
There are some products that requires constant engagement of new customers such as water filter, coffee machine, home appliances and more. Notice that these products are all long usability up to 5 years and above? Which means you as a sales representative would need to constantly look for new clients to purchase your product. You can exploit this by building more potential sales opportunities. By constantly providing them maintenance, repairs, replacements and more, another thing you could do is, requesting them to refer you to any of their other friends from Azure training.

Managing Frustrated Customers
Have you ever been into a deal with customers who request a lot of free gifts or have many different requirements? Unfortunately for you, as a salesperson, you would need to comply and keep a good smile regardless of how harsh the customers are. Note to self, never take customer’s words personally, otherwise your fighting spirit will be gone.

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