July 29, 2021 thyssenkruppnewusplant

Breaking Vicious Cycle of Lean IT

If your enterprise is spending excessive money on its operations, but the expected high performance results is nowhere to be seen, maybe it’s time to “revamp” with LEAN IT.

What LEAN IT does for enterprises?

This equation above sums up LEAN IT and the impact it can deliver to an organization. Typically, a LEAN organization may encounter waste in theses areas below for Azure certification:

  • Waste of overproduction (largest waste)
  • Waste of time on hand (waiting)
  • Waste of transportation
  • Waste of processing itself
  • Waste of stock at hand
  • Waste of movement
  • Waste of making defective products

This whitepaper aims to help readers improve how Lean IT works and how to use simple methods to break the cycle. What readers can expect to learn on Azure training:

  • Simple principles
  • Breaking the work down into small chunks
  • Reduce the volume of the work
  • Reduce the number of silos in the value chain
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